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Letter to the editor: Why is TV so important?



I hope someone can explain to me why it is so important that millions of people receive a converter box to watch television paid for by the government? I fully understand that those who use an antenna will not be able to see their TV and my comment is "So?"

Is it worth the money that will be spent at taxpayer's expense so that people can watch TV? Aren't our children steadily becoming obese because they are already spending too much time in front of the television? Isn't our society becoming more violent because of the violence portrayed on shows during prime time viewing hours?

Doesn't it seem moronic for these type of reports to keep coming out and "experts" urging all of us to "get out and do something?" And yet, our wonderful leaders in Washington want to spend millions of dollars so that people can watch TV.

God forbid we take that money and use it towards anything slightly useful such as education, help for middle class Americans, health care, or immigration issues. That would be wasteful I suppose.

I wonder when those in Washington, the lawmakers and the supposed speaker of the people for the people, will come back down to Earth and see what is truly important. And if they honestly believe that TV is that important, God help us all.

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