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CHS diving team takes 3A region, heads to state

A Carbon High diver comes off the board during a meet at the Price City swimming pool earlier this season.

Diving is the only high school sport in the state in which divers from all schools, regardless of their classification, compete against each other for a state title.

And once again, the Carbon High boys diving team is right in the thick of the battle for that title.

That's because last Saturday the team won the state 3A region title once again, and will be heading off to compete with the big boys on Feb. 12.

"It looked like we were going to have a great year when we started," said coach Stewart Foster. "At first 14 boys showed up for the team, but little by little we lost them to other interests. We finally ended up with six divers. This group did some very difficult dives over the weekend. With some of those they were successful with some they were not."

But when it was all over Sammy Manarite ended up in first place (3A) with his highest score of the season at 314.75 points.

"Sammy missed about a month of training due to a shoulder injury, and he was also on the CHS wrestling team," said Foster. "But he still did a great job."

Nick Torres placed second, Nathan Hepworth placed third and Kaleb Kulow took fourth place at the meet.

"Both Nathan and Kaleb have been running club track and have not been able to practice as much as we would like, but they did a great job," continued Foster.

The other two divers on the team, Collin Fleck and Dwight Denny placed fifth and sixth respectively.

Foster explained that with the 4A and 5A teams that were at the region meet competing as well, the team still would have placed second overall, which bodes well for the Dinos at the state meet.

"Hopefully we can do this at state next week," said Foster. "Out of all the classifications at this meet Sammy placed fourth, Nick placed sixth and Nathan placed 10th."

In the girls competition Karissa Nelson placed eighth (3A) and Lacey Pugliese placed sixth.

"The girls did a great job and have been improving with each meet," stated Foster. "Both competed in all 11 dives, including the reverse somersault and the reverse dive. These dives often stop most people from being able to compete."

Foster says the spirit of diving was alive and well at the meet, where everyone encourages each other.

"The girls received a lot of encouragement and support from the other girls as well as from the teams and the audience as well," said Foster. "It is really neat to see such support from your competition."

All eight divers will be competing in the state meet at BYU.

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