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Sept. 11 commemorative event scheduled in county

Staff reporter

There is hardly anyone in the United States that was not deeply touched by the events of Sept. 11, 2002

As the nation prepares to observe the one year anniversary of the tragedy, the Carbon County community will honor those who were killed through a special program organized specifically for the occasion.

Price Culture Connection has provided presentations ranging from music to drama in its regular programs during the last few years. On Sept. 9, at 7 p.m. the group will sponsor a special event to commemorate the attacks on the United States with a large contingent of talent. The event will take place at the Carbon High football stadium in order to accomodate the large crowd which is expected to attend.

"If anything could possibly be considered a positive in relation to those events, it would be the upsurge in patriotism and the renewed appreciation for those who have protected our rights and freedom both abroad and right here in our own hometowns," wrote Price Mayor Joe Piccolo in a recent letter to organizations across the state. "We feel it is necessary and appropriate to perpetuate this common bond we have felt as Americans over the past year."

The program will consist of a number of local talents along with out of the area performers.

The talent coordinator will be Pastor David Valasquez of the Castle Valley Community Church, who is a songwriter and singer. He is well known as the founder of the Galileans gospel singing group.

Julia Johnson and Sherrie Valmakis who are two singers from the Castle Country area are scheduled to appear.

One presenter at the event will be Lora Lee Armstrong, a flight attendant based in Boston who changed her schedule and did not go on one of the flights that hit the World Trade Center. The accident cost Armstrong six close friends and she will speak as well as present a song she wrote after the loss.

Other performers will include Sheree Fitzgerald, a recording artist who has been nominated for the Pearl Award and Mormon Tabernacle Choir member; Jamie Glaser, a studio musician from Hollywood, Calif., Danielle Wier, a 17 year old recording artist, a childrens choir led by Masa Fukuda, the Brunson Brothers who are a trumpet playing group, recording artist Jessica Clark, a producer and arranger from BYU and the Christian group Blind Eyes Open.

Numerous people from across the state including various veterans and veteran groups, emergency personnel, fire fighters, first responders, and law enforcement officers from various cities and agencies will attend.

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