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Dino divers hit Bear River

A Carbon diver moves into a rotating dive at an earlier meet in Price.

Sun Advocate community editor

On Jan. 17 the Carbon High Dinos diving squad hit the water as smooth as they could at Bear River High School.

According to coach Stew Foster, this was the team's last opportunity to qualify for the state tournament.

Both Karrissa Nelson and Lacey Pugliese had not completed their eleven dive format which is a requirement in the sport.

"Both girls were frightened to do their reverse somersault and inward somersault," explained Foster. "These two dive hold most divers back when they are learning. It takes a lot of personal courage."

According to Foster, Nelson got up the nerve and completed both dives successfully and this gave Pugliese the courage she needed to complete them also.

Pugliese finished the competition in seventh place and Nelson in tenth.

Nathan Hepworth placed third in the boys division with his highest score.

"He had sixes and sevens on his forward double somersault and looked in good form," said the Carbon coach.

Collin Fleck placed seventh overall as Fleck, Hepworth, Nelson and Pugliese all qualified for the state tournament at this meet.

The next competition will be the region meet at Park City on Jan. 31.

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