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Remembering the past while dancing into the future

At the end of each dance review a bouquet of flowers would be presented to Young from her dancers. Throughout the years, girls grew into young women and learned valuable lessons from their respected dance instructor.

Over 30 years ago a small dance studio was opened in the garage of a Price home. In this studio, girls of all ages learned the techniques of dance and the valuble lessons of hard work.

Charlotte Young began teaching dance at the age of 15. In 1964, she started her dance studio in Price where she taught students from Carbon and Emery counties how to become talented dancers.

Although dancing was the main lesson being taught in the studio, students of Young would be the first to say that they learned more than how to be performers.

Parents readily offer their praise to Young who they feel taught their daughters the valuable lesson of being prepared, dedicated and responsible.

Young was very particular about technique and always strived for excellence with her students. The dancers knew that not working hard and wasting their time in class was not an option.

Another principal she tried to teach her students was the importance of being prepared. Young would tell the students, "being unprepared makes everything miserable and frightening, but being prepared makes every experience in life enjoyable and fun."

The students were always well prepared and the audience could see that the dancers felt pride in their accomplishments whenever they performed.

Young's dance students have participated in several events throughout the years including International Days, county fairs, fundraisers, school productions, and the Olympics.

Although Young is closing the doors to her dance studio, the lessons she taught will live on in the lives of all those young ladies who participated in her school.

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