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Letter to the editor: We should all be working toward



I have heard a lot of people lately criticizing our lawmakers, especially Senator Waddoups.

I think we should applaud the fine senator and all of his colleagues for the alcohol and tobacco legislation they continue to enact. Who needs all those pesky tourists anyway?

UDOT has cancelled major road projects for the year and now the legislators are working to cut the state budget across the board - including college funding and Medicaid if I understand right. More good news.

Even at the federal level they are working to improve our lives in Utah. Designating more huge areas for wilderness protection will reign in the oil and gas industry here.

It shouldn't be hard to balance the budget next year - as soon as we all have to move away to find jobs there will be no need for any state funded programs.

Zero taxes and zero expenditures - that's a goal we should all be working toward.

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