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Letter to the editor: Car cell phone use



I read with interest, the article in the Dec.30 issue of the Sun Advocate about Senator Hinkin's views on what he sees happening in the near future. It was a rather lengthy, well written article.

His ideas bear merit and I appreciate his viewpoints, but the paragraph that really caught my attention said (and I quote) "...he said in a cell phone conversation on Monday morning as he drove through Salt Lake on his way to the state capitol for a meeting."

Given all the past, and recent attention to the dangers created by the use of cell phones while driving, and the fact that many cities and even some states have passed laws making the use of them in moving vehicles (by the driver) illegal, it would be interesting to know our newest lawmaker's views on this matter.

(Editors note: While being interviewed Mr. Hinkin's for the piece he did pull off the road while he spoke to us. We apologize for any confusion the line referred to in the letter may have caused.)

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