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Mini Job Fair set for September 18

A Mini Job Fair, sponsored by the Utah Department of Workforce Services and the Carbon and Emery Counties Employer Councils is scheduled for Wednesday, September 18 at the Utah Department of Workforce Services facility located at 475 West Price River Drive.

The Mini Job Fair is a new event focused on polishing career related skills and making people's next job transition successful. This fair and similar events held in the local area are great networking opportunities available to all residents of southeastern Utah.

According to Jeri Hamilton, who works with the Associations of Government, "networking is the best way to gain access to hidden opportunities and employment markets." She points out that year after year, over 70 percent of job candidates find new positions through networking. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, two-thirds of all jobs are located through word-of-mouth, friends, informal referrals, relatives and acquaintances.

According to Hamilton networking continues to be an effective way to discover employment opportunities. "In fact, more professionals complete a successful career transition through networking than through all other methods combined," says Hamilton.

The Mini Job Fair is dedicated to helping people learn the nuances of networking and then apply them to their present and future career objectives.

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