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Letter to the editor: The Messiah



The 60th presentation of the Oratorio the Messiah was performed on two days last week. Each year it seems the entire assembly, the orchestra, chorus and the conductor, and soloist are getting more spectacular.

The super capable conductor Russell Wilson was bass soloist in the trumpet section and that segment of the work was as spectacular as anything we of the audience had ever heard. Every note was distinct and clear and made a dramatic plus to the grand finale, the Hallelujah Chorus. The finale brought the entire audience to their feet. What a fitting finale for a great work and a wonderful performance by all members.

This 267 year old work is the best known and most idolized work of a composer who ranks with Beethoven, Bach and Mozart in the panache of the great composers. Based in the life of the real Messiah, Jesus, it is an honoring tribute to our Lord.

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