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Letter to the editor: Beyond comprehension



It is totally beyond my comprehension and reasoning ability to try to understand how a totally bizarre fictional romance between a supposedly normal girl (Bella), and a supposed vampire, (Edward), has taken the country, and especially Utah by storm to the extent that this ridiculous book, (Twilight) and movie have become best sellers. I also can't believe that Utahns stood in long lines at midnight to see the movie premiere as if it was the second coming.

There is something very wrong with this picture. What in the world is the matter with people, especially Utahns? Haven't our young people got something better to do than to waste their precious time and money on pure unadulterated garbage such as Twilight?

Good grief! Where have we gone so very wrong in teaching our youth? How have we failed so miserably? What's happened to our time cherished values? Talk about a masochistic co-dependent woman, (Bella), and an obsessive psychopathic abuser, (Edward). I'm totally perplexed that so many of our young single and married women have become so hysterically enamored with this sick, fictional, ludicrous, abnormal relationship.

Can somebody explain it to me?

Of course, our women can read or watch what they please, but I honestly fear for them.

There are three more volumes of Twilight in the making. I can hardly wait.

How did our young people ever survive without this totally ridiculous nonsense?

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