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Police arrest, book suspect in double stabbing incident

East Carbon Police Chief Sam Leonard and Sgt. Phillip Holt track the blood of a suspect following a double stabbing in Sunnyside. Law enforcement from all over the county converged on the east county area to locate the suspect and book him into the Carbon County jail.

Sun Advocate community editor

East Carbon police apprehended a suspect wanted in connection with a double stabbing incident on Dec. 11 in the Columbia subdivision.

Law enforcement officials arrested Frankie Leon Paige, 38 of Helper, on two counts of attempted murder, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of burglary and one count of domestic violence in the presence of a child following an incident that reportedly occurred at the residence of David and Kathy Rea in Sunnyside.

According to East Carbon Police Chief Sammy Leonard, Paige allegedly entered the Rea residence and assaulted the couple with a piece of glass.

The stabbing incident reportedly occurred while the suspect was attempting to assault two other occupants inside the residence.

Paige was arrested behind his parents' home in Columbia after more than 14 officers from Carbon County law enforcement agencies tracked the subject following the alleged attack, indicated Leonard.

"We had great interagency cooperation on this case," pointed out the East Carbon police chief. "It made tracking the suspect much easier because we got a large amount of back up from around the county."

According to Leonard, the incident began near Alta Street in East Carbon when the suspect purportedly had a verbal confrontation with his child's mother, Breezon Rea.

The woman subsequently fled to her grandparents' home in Sunnyside, where she called local police.

East Carbon law enforcement authorities arrived at the Rea residence at approximately 6 p.m., recorded the incident and attempted to locate the suspect, explained the police chief.

After the local police officers left the home, Paige arrived at the residence and the alleged double stabbing occurred.

"Breezon Rea took her child into a bedroom and locked the door when Paige arrived," said Leonard. "As he was trying to get into the bedroom, David and Kathy apparently tried to stop him and they were subsequently stabbed multiple times with a piece of glass."

Police were then called back to the residence to find that Paige had fled the scene.

David and Kathy Rea were transported to Castleview Hospital via the Sunnyside Ambulance Service and David was later taken to Utah Valley Medical Center for further medical care.

According to the chief, Paige sustained injuries to his hand and head during the struggle and left a blood trail when he fled the scene.

As area police combed the area, the authorities found Paige in Columbia.

"He was bleeding from the incident and was wet because he had crossed a marshy area near the bottom of the dugway on his way to Columbia," said Leonard. "That coupled with the cold conditions really slowed him down. We could hear dogs barking in the area and were able to subdue him behind his parent's home."

Paige was booked in the Carbon County Jail last Thursday at 11:30 p.m.

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