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Emery Telcom confirms cable television purchase

Emery Telcom Video recently announced that the company has signed a definitive asset purchase agreement on the cable television systems of Precis Communications.

The wholly owned Emery Telcom subsidiary indicated that the cable television systems involved in the purchase are located in Price, Helper, Wellington, East Carbon, Sunnyside, Castle Dale, Huntington, Orangeville, Ferron, Moab, Monticello and Blanding.

Precis Communication has historically provided cable television to subscribers.

The acquisition will enable Emery Telcom Video to upgrade the Precis facilities and provide enhanced broadband offerings within the local service areas, noted the company.

The acquisition will also allow Emery Telcom to expand the company's existing marketing opportunities within the video and telecommunications industries, according to officials.

Based in Orangeville, Emery Telcom was formed as a cooperative in 1950.

The company initially focused on providing telephone services to residents residing in the Emery County area.

After being established in 1950, Emery Telcom has expanded the company's focus to provide a wide range of communications services to thousands of customers residing in communities located throughout Carbon, Emery, Grand, and Wayne counties.

Examples include local and long distance telephone services, cable television Internet access and advanced telecommunications like DSL along with other high-speed digital Internet connections, concluded the company.

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