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Letter to the editor: Best special section



A few weeks ago Walt Borla was insightful enough to send me probably the best special section ever published by any newspaper. I have never seen anything like your "In Our Defense" edition (Sun Advocate Nov. 11, 2008).

There are a few words to describe that section; amazing, spectacular, heartbreaking, innovative, enterprising, soulful, memorializing and informative.

It was all these things and more. Congratulations from a distance of 2000 miles. You have performed the most wonderful service beyond expectations...ever.

I cannot imagine a more important service to your readership. What a tremendous undertaking in the gathering of all the photos. I just cannot bring myself to the position of stopping the expression of my appreciation of your successful efforts to commemorate veterans. How lucky your readers are to have their newspaper take such a serious publishing task to fruition.

The advertisers for the edition should be thanked for their support as well. They should be remembered by all that treasure "In Our Defense" for their posterity. I was impressed with the type of most of the ads too; solid, solemn, serene and sincere.

The Workmen's Market ad was particularly interesting to me. I remember well the 20 cents my family paid for Oxydol that was one of the products listed on page 2C.

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