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Non-traditional students can benefit

Non-traditional students in Utah at-risk of not being able to afford a college education may benefit from $109,920 in Daniels Opportunity Scholarships announced recently by the Daniels Fund.

The 2008 Daniels Opportunity Scholarship awards, valued from $32,000 to $46,000 will be distributed to Dixie State College, Salt Lake Community College, and Southern Utah University and converted directly into scholarships to support non-traditional students such as adults returning to college; foster care youth; GED recipients; individuals seeking EMT/paramedic training; returning military personnel; and youth exiting juvenile justice facilities.

"Students who most desire a college education are often least able to afford one," said Linda Childears, president and CEO of the Daniels Fund. "Daniels Opportunity Scholarships are intended to give a boost to students of all ages and at all levels of society seeking to secure the economic and social benefits of a college education," she added.

The institutions are responsible for selecting recipients and managing monetary distribution. Funding is awarded in two-year cycles, so Daniels Opportunity Scholarships are available at other colleges and universities that received awards last year.

In selecting candidates for a Daniels Opportunity Scholarship, institutions are encouraged to seek out those who reflect the qualities identified by Bill Daniels: strength of character; leadership potential; emotional maturity and stability; and a willingness to give back to the community.

"In establishing the Daniels Fund, Bill Daniels wanted to help individuals overlooked by other scholarship programs but who have every potential to complete a college education if given a chance and the necessary support," said Childears.

The Daniels Fund operates the Daniels Fund Scholarship Program Grants Program in four western states. The foundation was established by Bill Daniels, who once owned the ABA Utah Stars.

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