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CEU's Lady Eagles exhibit versatility with comeback win

Veronica Siquerios pushes the play down court in an earlier game. The Lady Eagles are planning to play hard and fast this season to keep their opponents on their heels pressing them for all 40 minutes.

Sun Advocate reporter

On Nov. 28th, the CEU Lady Eagles lost to Glendale Community College 116-87. The same two teams squared off again on Nov. 29. This time it was the Lady Eagles who prevailed. CEU came out on top 87- 80.

GCC is a Division II school and this is their fourth game of the year. They are averaging 116 plus points per game. They are currently un-ranked in Division II but have already beat two Division I teams.

Glendale shocked the Lady Eagles with a style of play they weren't prepared for.

"They play all players on the roster and substitute five players at a time every 60 seconds. They full-court press everything and dare their opposition to make layups and short jumpers to beat them. Glendale shoots a ton of three pointers and have the fastest offense I have ever seen. They are expected to shoot 100 times or more per game and the coaches want half of those shots to be threes," stated Coach Dave Paur.

Kaylie Robison led the team with 13 points.

Paur took his team aside after the loss and said told them this is what he had warned them about. They understood and were prepared to make some changes. On Saturday they held Glendale to only five three's on the night. The team played great defense and made their shots. It was Glendale who walked away shaking their heads.

Robison was again the leading scorer with 27 points. Kasey Day added 12 points followed by Amber Strong's 11 points. Rachel Rasmussen rounded up the Eagles in double figures with 10.

The CEU women's team held GCC 36 points under their average.

Coach Paur explained his strategic changes, "Glendale will double team the ball everywhere on the court and take away the first pass while hacking at the ball every chance they get. The Arizona team does not allow anyone to run any offensive sets. So we didn't run our offense. We were able to successfully split the double team when it happened and find the open player and they made their shots. I matched Glendale's substitution pattern of subbing every 60 seconds. They put in five fresh bodies and I matched it with two fresh players. It made a difference."

Paur is impressed with what he saw out the Glendale team. He had heard about that style of play developed by a coach out of Iowa whose team is averaging 145 point a game. He is not planning on adopting the entire style, but he is trying to run it about 70 percent. He told his girls is what they have expected out of them but haven't got them to do yet. He thinks they may have gotten the message about how effective the press and running game can be. But mostly he is proud of his squad of girls and how they adjusted their game when needed and took a win that may have felt impossible after the Friday match-up.

The team will have their next home game on Dec. 6 against the Idaho All-stars at 3 p.m.

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