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Letter to the editor: Carbon on the move



Your section on businesses that are owned by women in Carbon County (Sun Advocate, Oct. 30, 2008) was very good to see and read.

Fifty years ago it would have been men that owned 90 percent of the businesses in the area, now women are instrumental in many successful businesses in the community.

This bodes well for a community that will be growing from now on. We need the state economic development board to work closely with our Carbon County economic director to bring more industries to our county soon.

However, our existing industries can also be expanded and I believe that 2009 could be a very good year for our county. If the Lila Canyon Mine opens it will have a big impact on our area. Based on recent articles in the Sun Advocate, the company that owns Lila Canyon mine are doing all that are required by the state and federal government to get it open.

Carbon County needs to be prepared for the growth this will bring to us.

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