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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

I have been on the road a bit in the past month and I have needed to stay in a variety of hotels lately.

Most of the time, I look for a balance of cost, location and amenities. If I am only staying for one night, amenities are the lowest thing on my list.

With my art show in Vegas, the cost of the hotel was built in the entry fee. I stayed in a room at a motel that listed at $225 a night, much higher than I would normally consider.

You would think that, at that price, they would offer much more amenities that the lower price places I normally stay. But you would be wrong. I guess if you book a nice room they figure you are willing to pay for all the extras, too.

Sure they had cool little shampoos with designer labels rather than ones with the name of the hotel on the containers. But even my room decor wasn't much better than where I usually stay.

Oh wait, there were a few more little stands to put my luggage on than usual. My pillows, though, were a little more than a square of fluff and I woke with a neck ache every night. But you had to pay $8 a day for the phone, even when we didn't ask for it.

Every day, they sent us messages about places to spend our money in the casino. We had to listen to them to delete them. If not, a bright red beacon flashed brightly when we had the lights out.

I wanted to connect up and check e-mails while I was there. Most of the places I stay have free wireless or fast speed Internet in the rooms.

Not there. It was $5.95 for 24 hours. I had the six bucks, but it was the point of it all. Six dollars times 365 days in a year equals $2,190. Multiple that by all the rooms and the Internet is one big money maker for the hotel.

And do you think we got any free or discount breakfast tickets? No way. We had many choices for breakfast, all that came to more than I spend on meals at home for an entire day.

There was no little coffee maker in the room, but there were six Starbucks in the complex. I do not always use the little coffee maker since it is usually put in the bathroom. But in a nice hotel room, they should have a nice setup for that.

The other thing about nicer hotel rooms is the water glasses are actually glass. Thanks to TV exposes, I am afraid to drink out of them.

I am actually not that comfortable in hotel rooms. I worry what I might not be seeing because I don't take my black light along to spot things. Probably for the best.

In the end, I am just as content in cheaper hotels. I usually try and spend a little time as possible in my rooms anyway. I am traveling for a purpose. Don't get me wrong, I have had some bad experiences in my travels. But for the most part, I have been lucky.

I get to settle in for a while with nothing on my travel horizon.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who read our paper and pass it on to those who don't.

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