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Carbon Dino swimmers drop a close meet

Swimmer Kim Callaway digs hard at the breast stroke as the local high school takes on Richfield at the Desert Wave's lap pool on Nov 14.
Carbon was edged out by the Wildcats in both girls and boys action.

Sun Advocate reporter

On Nov. 14 the Carbon High girl's and boy's swim teams lost a close meet against Richfield.

The final scores in the girl's meet were Carbon 73, Richfield 79. For the boy's it was Carbon 70, Richfield 97.

The meet started with the girl's 200 medley relay. Coach Kamera Davis summed up the relay, "We knew it was going to be close. Carbon came in second in this race by only one point three seconds."

The boy's 200 medley relay finished second and third.

In the girls 200 freestyle, Jill Malone finished secondand took five seconds off her time. Jill Fincher finished third and swam this event for the first time. Jenae Wilhemi finished fifth.In the boy's 200 Kyle Hicken, also swimming this event for the first time, finished third. Ryan Slane took fourth and Kaeden Kulow fifth.

In the girl's 50 free, Erica Perkins grabbed first in a very close and exciting race. Only three tenths of a second separated the second place finisher. Kenzie Mantz ended up in third. For the boys 50 freestyle it was Carbon finishing in the top two spots. Terrence Henrie garnered first, Jed Prettyman grabbed second and Tristen Tiller rounded it off with fourth.

Girls 100 butterfly had Megan Garff finishing second and Jenae Wilhemi finishing third. In the boy's 100 butterfly, Dallen Garvin finished second with a time of one minute 10 second securing a spot on the 3A top 50 times at number 33.

For the girl's 100 free Erica Perkins finished second, Jill Fincher third, and Chrissy Cox fourth. For the boy's it was Brett Davis taking second, Terrence Henrie finishing third, and Kyle Hicken ended up fourth.

The girls 500 freestyle had Malone beating out her competition by 13 seconds and taking off 16 seconds from her time. Third was Mantz. In the boys 500 Ryan Slane took off 10 second from his time as he finished second.

In the girl's 100 backstroke Megan Barnett finished second and Chrissy Cox garnered third. Boy's 100 back had Tim Neilson finishing with a personal best timeand a second place finish.

The girls 100 breaststroke saw Kim Callaway finishing second and beating her best time by eight seconds. Boys 100 breaststroke ended with Nick Torres finishing third, Jed Prettyman fourth and Brett Davis fifth. Only one second difference between third and fifth made it a close race.

The Dino's next meet is Nov. 21 at Delta.

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