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Updated: Votes count as candidates win

Alexis Horsley accepts voting materials and ballot cards as the county clerks office began counting votes on Tuesday evening.

Most local elections came out much as people expected on Tuesday evening as incumbents took the seats they were vying for.

Incumbent Carbon County Commissioner Mike Milovich beat out Jae Potter by a vote of 3838-3539 to hold on to the seat he has held many years.

In the other commission race John Jones took his race 4318-3018 over Gerald Lloyd.

In the only Carbon County school board race that was contested Debi Blackburn held off Maurine Tanner 909-528 to hold onto her position.

In state senate district 27 Brad King lost to David Hinkins 16,805-13,393. In Carbon County King got 4,758 votes to Hinkins 2,535, but Emery county residents voted for their hometown candidate more than two to one and the Utah county precincts finished the deal with overwhelming support for Hinkins 7,835-2,538.

At the same time in the race for state representative from district 69, Christine Watkins had a total vote count of 5,976 to Jerry B. Anderson's 4,330. In Carbon County Watkins won 3,167-1,688.

Look for more details and the breakdown of national and state races in the Thursday edition of the Sun Advocate.

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