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Carbon divers get eye opener

Sun Advocate community editor

The Carbon divers had an eye opening experience on Oct. 24 as many were introduced to their first diving meet. Of the 12 competitors only three had any diving experience.

According to coach Kamra Davis, Nick Torres led the boys placing fifth overall.

"Nick only did his low degree of difficulty dives at this meet," said Davis. "He did a great job."

Sammy Manarite placed seventh overall.

"He failed one of his difficult dives and still put in a great performance for his first meet of the year," commented the Carbon coach. "By the end of the season he will be challenging Nick for one of the top spots."

Florian Robbe, a foreign exchange student from France, placed eighth. It was his first meet along with being his introduction to the sport of competitive diving in general.

Kenny Hobbs placed ninth but will move up as the season progresses, according to Davis.

Colin Moynier and Collin Fleck placed 10th and 11th respectively.

"Both boys were a little intimidated but showed a lot of promise," explained the Carbon coach.

Paul Ramirez, Nate Samuelson and Dwight Denny each failed a dive which placed them 13th, 15th and 16th at the meet.

As a team the boys placed first at the six dive competition.

In the girls contest, Lacey Pugliese placed eighth overall. She will be doing better as the meets progress and she gains more experience, said Davis.

Brynne Hunt and Treyne Hepworth placed 10th and 11th to round out the field.

The Dinos next meet will be on Nov. 1 as they travel to Park City.

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