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DanceWear by Design

Diana Root is the owner of DanceWear by Design

Diana Root is the owner of DanceWear by Design, located at 150 South 700 East Price (South of Big Moes). 637-3529. Or she can be contacted at home at 637-5733.

A graduate of Orem High School, Root took design classes at Brigham Young University while she worked for MiniWorld, a clothing factory for girls dresses.

Root worked for Mini World for over five years, and after moving to Price she did custom sewing. Soon it became an operation for outfitting costumes for local dance teachers, drill teams, the high school choir, ballet groups, and cheerleaders, CEU, all the dance teachers, Price, Emery County and surrounding communities. Eventually she found herself creating for out of town dance groups, the University of Utah, Cyprus High School, Olympus High School, UVSC, Orem High School, BYU and others.

"I design and sew all my creations and have over 38 years experience in manufacturing and design," explained Root. She also adds, "I am grateful for the support of the community. I really enjoy being creative and thank them for supporting me in my endeavor."

Diana also started her own aerobic business in 1980, and has been teaching it for 28 years and also teaching at CEU for the last 17 years. Root holds three national certifications in aerobics including one from A.F.A.A. and is certified in kickboxing as well. Root excels in photography as a hobby and works for the Sun Advocate part time as well as having her work published in Castle Country Magazine, various brochures, maps and Photographer Forum College Annuals.

Thanks to all who support me in my passion. I'm having a lot of fun!

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