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K-9 Klips Grooming Salon

Barbara West owner and manager of K-9 Klips

Barbara West owner and manager of K-9 Klips, trained and groomed in Nevada for two years before opening her own grooming salon ( K-9 Klips ) in 2002 located at 1170 west 1500 North in Carbonville. Being a professional groomer and business owner is the perfect career because of her deep love for animals.

Born and raised in Carbon and Emery Counties she has been around animals all her life, an avid equine enthusiast riding, training and barrel racing for over 35 years.

"It's like I get to play with, pamper and groom all these wonderful dogs and even cats, I get so attached to them I feel like they are all mine, and I enjoy the association with my clients."

Besides being trained in the latest professional breed clips and fashions Barbara specializes in Geriatrics, skin and coat conditions and puppies first grooming.

In 2006 K-9 Klips expanded to include a second full time groomer (Jennifer Lopez). She was personally and carefully trained by Barbara to uphold the high standards of K-9 Klips and the grooming industry and we are anticipating a third groomer in the near future.

Barbara believes in using only the best products to keep your pet's skin and coat in healthy beautiful condition.

Also provided at K-9 Klips walk in nail clipping, teeth brushing, flea and tick dips, hot oil treatments and therapeutic K-9 massage for the care and comfort of your pets

To keep up on the latest in grooming, breeds and fashion Barbara and the team at K-9 Klips attend seminars, show and clinics regularly, and just expanded the salon for the second time and purchased some new top-of-the-line grooming equipment.

We would like to thank all our many clients at K-9 Klips professional grooming salon, we appreciate you for giving us the opportunity to serve you now going on seven years, and look forward to many more.

Stop by and see us or give us a call for a grooming appointment at 613-3647 ( DOGS )

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