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Marsha's Sammich Shop

Howdy Carbon and Emery Counties! Marsha Ellington here.

Howdy Carbon and Emery Counties!

Marsha Ellington here. I am still here in Helper, USA. It has been two plus years since I first opened Marsha's Sammich Shop. And it amazes me every day. People are still coming in and asking "How long you been here? We didn't know you were even here. Someone told us about you and said "You have got to go there."

What a pleasant surprise it is for them when they come in and marvel at the sight of bread dough creeping over the confines of it's bowl and spilling onto the counter (ooops!). Time to go shape the rolls, burger, buns, bread bowls and loaves. Yep, all breads are made and baked fresh daily.

No fake bake here! Guess what? Since last year I got my sour dough start started and I've kept it alive! It was touch and go for a while but I and the start are thriving. Thanks to the love and support of our customers and their positive comments to others. We are still serving up the world's best biscuits and gravy on Friday and Saturday. Breakfast sammiches soups and chili are served everyday. All sammiches are made on order so they are the freshest they can be. We are now taking orders for holiday pies, rolls and cakes, goodies or whatever else you may want and do not have the time or energy for. I also do catering for small or medium events.

Since I opened I have had much success with advertising as well as word of mouth. "Happy mouths make full bellies and contented souls."

"Franks 4 UR Beans."

Marsha's sammich shop where we "Knead your dough."

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