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Debbie's Custom Sewing

Debbie's Custom Sewing and Alterations

My name is Debbie Ott and I've actually been sewing for over 30 years, but this is the first time I have sewn as a full time business.

I started Debbie's Custom Sewing and Alterations five years ago after moving to Price from Salt Lake. In Salt Lake, I worked for an insurance company for 15 years and have my agent's license, but I'm having more fun sewing.

I love it here in Price, and with my sewing business, I have met the nicest people. I pick up and deliver the sewing for those that can't get out, and usually end up visiting with them for quite awhile. Price, Helper and Wellington communities are keeping me very busy.

My number is 613-9790 for all your sewing needs.

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