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Letter to the editor: Look at innovation

St. George


I like Governor Jon M. Huntsman. He is not mind locked or set in his ways. If he see's a way of improvement he will look further into the situation. We have seen this when he moved state employee's to a four day work week.

I am sure he will make adjustments as he is not that mind set against making changes. Certain jobs may have to be moved around some to accommodate the publics need to be served, but the program will work.

Maybe the state ought to look at some other programs that would help it to save money too. Other states have come up with some innovative ideas.

Alabama will begin charging the obese among its 37,000 employees if they do not take advantage or their health care benefits to undergo screenings and improve their health. The Alabama State Employees Insurance Board has approved a plan to charge workers who do not comply with the new policy $25 per month starting in January 2010. If screenings reveal blood pressure or cholestrol problems or show patients to be obese those employees have one year to seek treatment for those conditions.

Alabama already charges its state employees who smoke $24 per month to offset the alleged higher costs of these workers health care insurance.

It was found that when these smoking charges were leveled , many state employees stopped smoking.

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