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Don't hang up the phone

If you're a hunter, don't be surprised if someone calls you and wants to know how your hunts went this fall.

The Division of Wildlife Resources is starting its annual survey of hunters across the state.

If you receive a call, the DWR encourages you to stay on the line and help with the survey. "The information you give us will help us manage wildlife so you can have a good hunting experience next year," says Heather Bernales, biometrician with the DWR.

Discovery Research Group, a private contractor, is conducting the research for the DWR.

"Our researchers will want to know what your hunting experience was like and what ideas you have about managing the wildlife you like to hunt," Bernales says. "They will not ask you for personal information. If the person you're talking with tries to get personal information from you, know the call isn't from us and hang up."

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