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Brief shows important topics to states' voters

This is the final research brief to be released as part of Utah Foundation's 2008 Utah Priorities Project. This project began with a statewide survey asking voters to rate the most important issues facing the state this election year. Reports and briefs were written about each of the top ten issues as a way to inform voters and candidates about the most important issues facing Utah this election year.

In Utah Foundation's 2008 Utah Priorities Survey, Utah voters rated the environment as their eighth-highest issue of concern. The environmental issues of most concern were Utah's air quality, the health effects of pollution, other environmental effects of pollution, and the storage and transport of hazardous waste. To help voters and candidates understand these issues, this brief provides the following information:

•Utah's past and present attainment status of National Ambient Air Quality Standards for the six criteria pollutants.

•The top five counties with the highest emissions by pollutant.

•The health effects associated with poor air quality.

•Other environmental effects resulting from high mercury levels and the improper release of toxic chemicals.

•National standards for the transport of hazardous waste through Utah.

•Utah's historical and projected greenhouse gas emissions by economic sector.

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