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United Way and Community Nursing team up to improve lives

Community Nursing Services Home Health and Hospice of Price has been serving all of Carbon and Emery Counties for the past eight years. CNS is a not-for-profit agency and an active partner with United Way of Southeastern Utah.

From our small beginning, with just two employees to our current staff of 40, we have grown to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

In communities like ours, situations happen that leave some people unprepared to meet their medical needs. When home health or hospice care is appropriate CNS can assess the needs and doctors orders and help set up a plan through our partnership with United Way to promote the needed care. Once the plan is set up, CNS will determine how much we can do between United Way assistance and other community donations for care. Frequently, CNS is able to provide needed nursing care but needs help with medical supplies. The large majority of these situations involve un-insured or under-insured people under Medicare age, with some of the patients served being young children. Often the needs are the result of an accident or infection. Wound care and providing for intravenous medications are both very expensive. United Way has allowed us to provide care in situations where it otherwise seemed impossible. United Way has made it possible for us to obtain necessary supplies and equipment to provide a higher level of care in our communities.

Recently, a situation arose with a very ill pediatric patient. The father was recently unemployed, and the family did not have any health insurance coverage. This created a huge dilemma for the family. CNS sent a nurse in to assess the situation and worked with their family physician to create a plan of care. CNS was able to turn to United Way for the financial assistance necessary to provide the care that was deemed necessary for the child. The child was able to receive several weeks of intravenous therapy, and the needed nursing care which resolved the medical problem. The mother wept tears of relief, and was grateful for the assistance given. Today the child is healthy and thriving well.

This situation could have ended much differently, had we not had the support and assistance that United Way is able to provide in these cases. On a daily basis our staff sees the benefits of our partnership with United Way. We see the quality of life improved for many of our patients who are in situations where care would otherwise be impossible. CNS is able to maintain its commitment to the highest quality of care, through its partnership with United Way, and its excellent staff of caring individuals. CNS strives to meet each individual situation, with care tailored to meet each patient's specific needs.

We are proud to partner with United Way of Southeastern Utah to provide care for those who would in many cases have little or no resources available to them. CNS looks forward to its ongoing partnership with United Way, and its ability to improve the lives of patients during a time of great need.

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