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Care-a-van provides service

Transportation plays an important role in our communities. It is a rock in which we build stronger communities and self-sufficient families. Whether it is for a shopping trip, prescription pick-up, hair appointment, church function, social visit, or medical appointment; transportation is the key to our mobility. The old saying goes, "Have wheels, will travel!"

Some 38 percent of the nation's rural residents live in areas without any public transportation. The southeastern corner of Utah is currently faced with this problem. Until one is without transportation or has limited driving privileges, and no other alternatives, it may be difficult to grasp the concept or importance of non-emergency transportation.

There are many individuals living in rural southeast Utah that can tell you how important it is to have transportation to their medical appointments. Care-a-van provides non-emergency transportation for the elderly, individuals who are physically and/or mentally challenged, and those suffering with chronic disease. The program has also assisted those needing specialized care without transportation alternatives.

A call came in from Dr. Madsen's office regarding one of his patients. In order to be transported an assessment has to be completed. The little girl was 14 months old. A special test needed to be done at Primary Children's Medical Center in order to rule out several conditions including cystic fibrosis. In the United States, C.F. occurs in one in 2,500 live births. Median cumulative survival is approximately 30 years, with males surviving much longer than females.

The test itself lasts for about one and a half hours. The test results are then sent to the attending physician who sets up an appointment for a consult with the family. The outcome of the test was good, but without the assistance of Care-a-van these individuals would not have been able to get to the appointment to insure the health of the child.

Health is not a given. It affects individuals regardless of age.

Care-a-van drivers are individuals who volunteer their time and receive a mileage reimbursement. They are dedicated to helping others, and they truly make a difference in the lives of others.

So whether it is for a medical checkup, a lifesaving treatment such as dialysis, or specialized treatment, CARE-A-VAN steps up to the plate to help those in need.

We are proud to be a United Way partner. They help us continue to make a difference in the lives of others.

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