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Letter to the editor: Helper legend gone



A legend in the history of Helper has passed on with the death of Pete Bottino in the last week. His obituary notice called him "Helper's Handyman", He was that and very much more to the community of Helper in his younger days.

Pete worked as city electrician for Helper for many years. That was his official title, but in the daily operation he was much more than city electrician. He was in almost every facet of the city work force. Streets, water, recreation, you name it, whenever there was a problem, Pete was involved.

In community affairs Pete was "Johnny on the Spot", be it religion or civic. He worked on the Catholic Carnival, the old "Days of "49, community television, the now defunct Helper Kiwanis Club, just about every community affair that came about. He oversaw the installation of the first lighting system put over the baseball field and was instrumental in the community television system that first brought television reception to Helper.

In the days before the county television system came into play, Pete was the leader in placing an antenna high on the mountain northeast of town to pick up the signal from Salt Lake City and relay into town via cable. He was the maintenance man on this system and it was he who would quickly climb high on that mountain whenever there was a problem with the antenna.

When the county system supplanted the Helper system and television antennas began appearing on roof tops, it was Pete who saw to it that the elderly and widows had an antenna placed on their roof tops and the signal wired to their front rooms.

Pete never got rich in his volunteer efforts but he surely made many friends in Helper. If there was ever a man without an enemy, Pete was the one, a deeply loved and respected man who served his community well.

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