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Letter to the editor: Absurd regulations



In the 1920's it was illegal to sell alcohol but that didn't stop people from consuming alcohol. Everyday people who would have normally been law-abiding citizens became criminals by purchasing alcohol from neighboring countries or from illegal breweries. It was legal to produce certain types of alcohol for your own consumption, but most people didn't possess the knowledge or equipment to do this safely so they resorted to purchasing and concealing unregulated and untaxed spirits.

On October 1, 2008 it became illegal to sell flavored malt beverages in Utah except in state liquor stores. As if that wasn't inconvenient and expensive enough, the new labeling requirements have virtually eliminated the option of obtaining these drinks legally anywhere in the state. Common people are now becoming lawbreakers by transporting these beverages from bordering states - and these states are collecting the taxes.

Once again an ill-conceived law is making criminals out of common citizens. In the upcoming election please remember your representatives who passed another harebrained law to keep Utah looking silly to the rest of the country. We can't do much about the ridiculous liquor control board but we can replace those who pass their absurd regulations.

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