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Letter to the editor: New service offered



The gas stations are offering a new service in Carbon County. But it is not a free service like when they used to wash your windows and check your oil. Every time you pull up to their pumps, they take you to the cleaners.

When gas prices go down, Utah is the last state to reduce them and Carbon and Emery counties are way behind the rest of the state. Our prices are usually five to 10 cents higher than the highest prices in Spanish Fork, Provo and Orem.

When the prices started going down, it was between a penny and three cents each time. A couple of weeks ago they dropped 10 cents from $3.89 to $3.79. Man we were all doing a happy dance.

However, I went to Bountiful last weekend and from Spanish Fork to Orem the highest prices were 30 cents lower than Price's lowest prices (despite the 10 cent a gallon reduction).

On my way home, I stopped at Sam's Club to gas up for $3.44 per gallon, which was 35 cents below the lowest prices in Price.

Yep, the new service they provide is not free. It costs 30 to 35 cents per gallon to be taken to the cleaners.

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