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Rantings and Ravings

Sun Advocate reporter

It is hard to ignore what is happening with the economy.

I was hit personally by the economic downturn last week. We will weather it okay, but it reminds me that no one is immune.

In our own community there are already some who have lost jobs. A lot of us don't even want to see our next 401K statement. There are some who are struggling to deal with their mortgage and other credit problems with little relief in sight.

Many groups who help people will get hit with a triple whammy from this. State money has been cut, fundraising will become increasingly more difficult and the demand for services will climb.

I began to fall into the trap of watching shows on CNN and CNBC. It was like tuning into a car race just to see the crashes. There were many and they were ugly.

But it dawned on me as I got interupted from my TV trance one day to go watch my 4-year-old granddaughter perform her first solo bike ride without training wheels, that life goes on. It may be harder for some as our income or retirement money vanishes, but we will keep on going.

I turned off the TV and went back to those things that need to be dealt with. I started with dusting the TV screen, I had noticed little hand prints making weird shapes in the dust.

I went on to cleaning the dog nose goobies off my front door window. I got back to doing laundry before it took over the basement. I still need to take the kids to dance class and run them to birthday parties.

I remembered the baseball play-offs were still going on. Oh yeah, the Cubs blew it again. Thats why I'm not watching the playoffs, not because of the economic scare.

Carbon High sports are still going on and we have some teams that will get to go on to the post season play no matter what happens to the stock market. The junior high kids are still playing their hearts out and Carbon Recreation activities continue on.

On TV, you can still find a plethora of "reality" shows about people living lives that seem to be so far out there that it's hard to believe.

We can watch people play out their petty disagreements on court TV. And we can watch game shows and dream that maybe we could be the contestant and win a million dollars.

For each of us, the mundane aspects of life will still need to be dealt with. We will want to keep an eye on the direction things are going, but in the end most of us can't do much to change the direction at this point in time.

So this week, if you were like me and becoming obsessed with the current economic disaster, just turn it off for a while and get back to what is truly real.

Take a walk with your family. Have a picnic in the living room. Paint your front door a new color. Sample food you have always wanted to try. Take your family to watch the Carbon High volleyball squad take on any team the Dinos play.

Life still happens so don't forget to keep on living it.

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