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Carbon area burns to cut excess harzards, fuels

Prescribed burns reduce the risks of an incident like last year's Mathis wildfire from occurring.

The United States Bureau of Land Management fire crews will implement fall pile burn efforts in Price Canyon and west Coal Creek.

Contract and BLM crews previously cut and thinned the excess hazardous fuels and piled the debris for burning in the project areas, indicated the federal agency. Now that cooler temperatures have arrived and the slash has cured, crews will return to the project areas and burn the piles. The projects will involve approximately 600 acres in Price Canyon and 40 acres in west Coal Creek.

The Price Canyon project is part of an ongoing treatment that has been underway for the last few years, explained the BLM. The overall goals of the fuels management effort are to improve and protect public health and safety while reducing the threat of stand-replacing wildland fire.

The west Coal Creek project was initiated in 2005, pointed out the federal agency. Portions of the Kenilworth, Helper and Price communities are adjacent to the area and susceptible to the impacts of wildfire. The community property that intermingles with wildlands are called wildland urban interface.

Fuels reduction in wildland urban interface areas with catastrophic wildfire potential decreases the likelihood of loss of life, property and natural resources to wildfires, noted the BLM.

Firefighter safety is enhanced, wildfire suppression costs are reduced and scenic quality as well as natural resource goals can be met by completing fuels reduction projects, concluded the federal agency.

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