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Sunnyside city council accepts agreement, member resignation

Sunnyside councilmember Tony Riffle and city fire chief Gene Madrid display the city's new logo. The new signs will be posted on municipal buildings as well as city owned vehicles.

Sun Advocate community editor

Sunnyside officials approved major changes in their city's policies and personnel over the past two meetings as they ratified a long contested public safety contract with East Carbon and accepted the resignation of councilmember Mike Marquez on Oct. 2. and Oct. 7 respectively.

Marquez, who had served as a councilmember for five years over two separate terms addressed the city by formal letter on Sept. 25 stating that while he had enjoyed his time on the council in service to Sunnyside city he was resigning because of personal reasons.

The council expressed their regret at his decision but excepted his letter of resignation formally via a unanimous vote. Marquez will continue to work in his position as city maintenance supervisor, a position he has held since 1995.

Due to state law, the council now has 30 days to fill the position by appointing a new council person. According to city recorder Pauly Sanderson, Sunnyside will begin advertising for applicants immediately and then conduct interviews with potential council members on Oct. 21.

The requirements for becoming a Sunnyside councilmember are limited to the following three stipulations:

•The applicant must be a one year resident of Sunnyside city.

•They must be a citizen of the United States.

•They must be registered to vote in the city of Sunnyside.

Those interested in applying must contact the city and fill out an application that must be returned before the closing deadline on Oct. 17 at 4 p.m.

When appointed, the new city official will act within the council until the next municipal election in November of 2009 when they will be required to run for the remainder of the two-year-term.

While the Oct. 21 selection meeting will be open to the public, city officials will most likely conduct interviews in a closed session as the issue will be considered a personnel matter, according to Sanderson.

In prior city business, the council ratified the new public safety agreement after months of negotiations with East Carbon City.

The agreement's primary point of contention was East Carbon's request for increased payment for the continued provision of comprehensive law enforcement coverage.

In the ratified contract, Sunnyside agreed to pay East Carbon $60,000 per year, with a $2,000 charge for animal control at a annual increase that would be tied to the consumer price index, which rates the yearly increase for cost of living.

The contract stipulates that a board will be convened to oversee police matters consisting of East Carbon Chief of Police Sam Leonard and the mayors of the two cities.

Additionally, Sunnyside will receive a quarterly report detailing the crime within their city.

The document will be statistical in nature, per the advise of East Carbon Attorney Jeremiah Humes. A statistical document will give Sunnyside the opportunity to observe crime trends within their city.

Sunnyside also agreed to keep their criminal proceeding in the East Carbon Justice Court, however their civil may be transferred to the Price courts, according to East Carbon recorder Liz Marquez.

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