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Carbon County Commission

Gerald Lloyd
John Jones

Gerald Lloyd

Gerald Lloyd is 55. He and his wife, Jeanette, live in Price. Gerald has three daughters (Julia, Lindsay, and Kimi) and one son (Jed). Gerald is a graduate of Carbon High School and CEU. He spent 17 years in the coal mining industry, 13 years working for a newspaper, and now works for Dustless Technologies. He has served on several community service committees.

He thinks many issues facing the county are important.

My best characteristic for the commissioner's position is that "I do not become offended." As long as people are civil; I will listen to their comments and suggestions.

Tourism should focus on the national and global market. We have world class museums, world class recreation, and a world class lifestyle. Carbon County is a great place, but we can make it better. We must become a destination, not just a stop on the way to Lake Powell. Identifying and advertising all of the reasons for coming to and staying in the area is a priority.

Business development should center on production and manufacturing. It seems like the county only has one or two companies each year who are looking to expand or relocate. We should have one or two each month.

We need to fight to maintain multiple-use of our lands and to prosper from our natural resources. We need to expand the manufacturing sector and use political connections to enhance our opportunity to be given the "opportunity to bid" on projects.

Water should be on every commission agenda. We need to stop the Gooseberry project and build a Gordon Creek reservoir, utilize Kenilworth and Willow Creek mine water as well as the water from the gas wells in Miller Creek. All canals need to piped.

My management philosophy is that every employee should approach their job as a "business man" as if they are trying to make a profit. Workers should all receive "cross-training" so that they can effectively represent Carbon County. All work and decisions should be made on good economic principle. Everyone should be accountable. Planning and resource management can, and should, be major topics of training.

John Jones

I was born and raised in Carbon County. My wife and I live in Helper. We have two children, Randy and Amber, a son-in-law, Jeremy Hanson and one grandson, Hunter.

Over the past couple of years I have enjoyed being a city councilman in Helper and feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to give back to our community. As I look back over the last couple of years at the projects that I have been involved in, I believe they will leave a positive influence on Helper for years to come.

I recently won the Democratic primary election and was sworn into the Carbon County Commission on August 14th to fill the seat vacated by Steve Burge for the rest of 2008.

Since I have been in office I have focused on drug abuse in Carbon County. I believe that we have a great need for rehabilitation programs in our area and I will continue to support these groups who are working to develop programs for those individuals.

When it comes to economic development I believe the wider the base, the brighter the future. This would not only help to lessen the roller coaster effect felt when our mines are forced to lay off, but it would also help to strengthen our college by supplying jobs for those people looking at CEU for their education.

I will continue working on the Nine Mile issues. I feel that the gas wells will play a major role in Carbon County's future, but I know that the heritage in Nine Mile Canyon needs to be protected as well.

I believe tourism will play a major role in our economy and I look forward to promoting things like the gun range, event center, bicycle routes and ATV trails, etc. in our county. This will help to make Carbon County a destination rather than a stopping point.

I will keep a close eye on the budget, not only to see that it is balanced, but to save for future emergencies.

I will continue to support a new senior citizens center because I feel that without our senior citizens, Carbon County would not be what it is today.

I believe that people should come first, and your voice should be herd.

As I ask for your vote on November 4th, please feel free to judge me for what I have done!

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