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Carbon County commission

Jae Potter
Michael Milovich

Jae Potter

I will bring better representation for all citizens of Carbon County. We can't do what we have always done and expect different results. Change brings progress!

I believe in honesty, trust worthiness, hard work, fairness, traditional values, family, religion, setting goals, being conservative and education

I am a life long resident of Carbon County. For the past twenty four years I have been in business in our great community. My wife Lisa and I have four sons, two daughters-in-law, and a beautiful baby granddaughter. My family is my most prized possession and I thank them for their support.

We need new ideas and new results. Mediocrity in society does not have to be accepted. I believe that the good people of this county can and will rise above the current economic conditions in which we live given the right opportunities and leadership.

What can be done?

County departments need to be empowered and held to greater accountability so that the work of the county moves at a quicker pace.

Cities and the county need to work together with no duplication of services but shared responsibility. We should strive for excellence and accept no less as county residents. We all live in the county!

We need broad economic development to stop the boom and bust cycle. I feel that we can better utilize the resources available in the county, especially the mineral monies we are receiving. We have a need for more and better infrastructure; we need real facilities that attract industry and growth to our area. We need economic growth if we are going to attract and keep the next generation from moving away. We must become business friendly and we must do a better job of promoting our county to outside industry.

We must never lose sight of the need we have to protect our water rights for our current and future needs. Utilization of our natural resources is important to the growth of our county so we need to find a balance between access and preservation.

We can work together to make a difference in the quality of life we experience as residents of the county. Our communities need beautification; our recreational and cultural opportunities need to be improved; our quest for knowledge and education should be supported; and our desire to see our county grow and develop should be more than a dream.

Michael Milovich

I would like to begin by thanking the voters of Carbon County for allowing me to serve them for the past 16 years. When I first took the oath of office the commission was greeted with an airport hanger that had just burned to the ground. In addition, the financial health of the county was in very poor condition with approximately $50,000 in the bank.

Today, with the help of those who have served with me as commissioners, we have been able to nurse Carbon County back to excellent financial health. Much needed infrastructure improvements have been completed throughout Carbon County. Some of those infrastructure improvements include the ambulance garage, the county jail, road shop, expo center, natural resource center, Active ReEntry facility, major improvements to the fair ground properties as well as augmenting and assisting in projects for our cities.

If I am elected to another term as Carbon County commissioner, my priorities will include working to complete a solution to the Gooseberry Narrows problem that has plagued our county for 60 plus years. As a commissioner, I have been at the forefront of this issue. I will work to provide the funding and treatment necessary to curb our drug problem in our county. We have been able to develop the drug court program that has shown great success in helping those afflicted with drug addiction. A large percentage of our incarcerated prisoners are in jail for'drug related offenses causing a drain on our county resources. I would hope to complete a new senior citizen center for our senior citizens. Our current building is in extremely poor condition. Presently, we are in partnership with seven of our neighboring counties to construct an interconnectivity system to link our counties' public safety communication systems together. This will provide a mutual aid partnership in the event of disaster, as well as public safety assistance. We have been able to forma hazardous materials team that serves a four county area. In addition, we have developed an emergency operation center that is almost complete. This center will provide backup communication capabilities enabling us to communicate with all necessary entities in the country to obtain needed assistance in the event of a disaster or emergency. I will continue to work to improve this vital system.

These above mentioned items are a small list of goals I hope to accomplish if elected. I hope I have proven to the voters that I serve with integrity, honesty, and always in your best interest. I hope you will give me the opportunity to deliver my best to the best citizens in the state of Utah.

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