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State representative seats- District 69

Jerry Anderson
Christine Watkins

Jerry Anderson

I am a retired educator with over 25 years experience in secondary, college, and adult education.

I have a masters of science degree with certifications in sciences, mathematics, special education, family and adult education.

I was the Biology Teacher of the Year (Wyoming), did an International Teaching Fellowship (Victoria, Australia), received a Krista McAuliff Fellowship and was awarded the Service to Education Award (Utah).

I have also served as a board member in the Utah Science Teacher Association.

I have had a number of different experiences in my life including being a coal miner in the Wilberg mine, a beekeeper, a professional scouter, a photographer, a small business owner inwholesale and retail sales and a horticultural consultant. I have als served as a retail representative, and a seminary teacher.

I was an Eagle Scout, and belong to the American Philatelic Association, a member of the NRA and an Associate of Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

I have been a state delegate to Republican conventions and a precinct chairman.

My core beliefs are centered around strengthening families, promoting quality education, and limited government with the goal of reducing taxes and promoting free enterprise.

I strongly support developing our abundant resources to limit our dependence on foreign oil.

Drill here, drill now anddevelop the alternatives.

Christine Watkins

I am a native Utahn, born in Logan. Earned a bachelor's degree at Utah State University, a masters in educational administration at the University of Utah, and secured three certifications in special education from Brigham Young University. 

I taught elementary school for 22 years, worked as an education employee advocate at the Utah Education Association (UEA) for 10 years, and also served as a legislative lobbyist for UEA.  

I am currently on the Board of Trustees for the College of Eastern Utah, and I'm employed as principal at Pinnacle Canyon Academy.

Highway 6 is one of the most dangerous roads in the United States. Significant progress has been made, and a continued fight for financing in the legislature is essential.  With your vote, one objective as your legislator is to press for continued safety modifications on this stretch of road to mitigate the hazards we all face in traveling this highway. 

Education is paramount in the minds of not only those who have children in the public schools, but also a concern for businesses, the retired segment of our communities, and legislators.  In Utah, funding for public schools ranks last in the nation; that creates a problem in attracting and retaining the best teachers.  I support efforts to increase funding to public schools and to provide the best educational opportunity for our students.

Legislative support for projects in the southeastern counties is critical.  The rural county tax base is inadequate to provide all the amenities the citizens require.  Road improvement, county parks, recreation facilities, libraries, museums, and a host of valuable and essential projects require a strong advocate in the state legislature to fight to augment local revenue.

Mining and the petroleum industry are the backbone of rural Utah.  I support the efforts these industries have made to minimize any negative impact on the environment while providing significant job opportunity for our citizens. I support reasonable and safe exploration and extraction.  We must also aggressively seek alternative sources of energy.  Financial support needs to be available for research and the development of alternative sources of energy.     

I intend to visit each community and meet with people to learn of their concerns.  It is my goal to stay in touch with the people who live in House District 69.

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