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Carbon County School Board district 2

Debi Blackburn
Maurine Tanner

Debi Blackburn

My name is Debi Blackburn, I am running for reelection to the Carbon School District Board of Education, and there's a lot of things I don't know.

After six years of service, I don't know all of the solutions to the many problems facing public education.

I don't know how to please all the people all the time.

I do know I am a public servant, and I welcome input and consider seriously the thoughts and opinions of my constituents in making decisions.

I don't know how to attract and retain world class teachers with low salaries.

I do know that good teachers are my heroes; they need support and encouragement and should be honored and valued for the important work that they do.

I don't know how schools can overcome all of the social ills that impact our children.

I do know that a good education can empower a child to prevail against many of the problems that weaken our society.

I don't know how to instill this ambition and enthusiasm for learning in all students, enabling them to compete in a global economy.

I do know we can tap the great potential in our youth; we can stimulate them to think with creativity and innovation, and they will be able to compete with anyone in the world.

I know I can't fix everything, but I can fix some things.

I know I have had eight children educated in Carbon County schools. I understand the concerns and frustrations of parents, as well as their hopes and expectations.

I know during the last six years I have supported an increased emphasis on academics, a stronger education-community partnership and a reasonable and balanced extra curricular progam.

Finally, I know I care deeply about the welfare of our children. I will make policy decisions with that utmost in mind. The first and last question for me will always be, "Is it what's best for the education of our children."

Maurine Tanner

I'm running for School Board District No. 2 (West Miller Creek, Fairgrounds Road, South of Price to County Line, Carbonville to Price City Limits). I believe schools exist for all children. It is our obligation to see they get the best education possible. I have raised two sons here and currently have five grandchildren in Carbon County. We have good schools here in Carbon County, however I believe I can use my expertise to make them even more student/teacher friendly.

Over the years I have been concerned with issues in the system. If elected, I will direct my effort towards student needs, student/teacher ratio, substitute's and para-professional's pay, in-school accountability controls, student discipline and principal availability, low teacher morale.

I've lived in Carbonville since 1976. I have taught for 40 years, one year in Cache County (student teaching), four years in San Juan County (K-8), seven years in Sweetwater County, Wyo. (K-3), and 28 years in Carbon County (all Kindergarten).

I graduated from Utah State University in elementary education in 1965, received an Early Childhood Certificate from Adams State in Alamosa, Colo. in 1974. I attended classes in education from BYU, University of Utah and University of Wyoming. I trained for three years under the Reading Excellent Act (REA) and two years in the kindergarten 2000 language art grant. Since my retirement I have taken classes from CEU each semester just for the fun of learning.

During the 28 years I taught here in Carbon County I have been a school representative on the PTA school council, and a CCEA school representative. I have always had a good report with students, parents teachers, and district administration.

I have been a volunteer in many Carbon County community projects such as at the CEU Pre-Historic Museum, RSVP, 4-H Leader, county fair, Helper Arts Festival, and the Castle Valley Archaeological Society.

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