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Letter to the editor: Shall we drop ports, or what?



I see where the school board is contemplating dropping some sports at Carbon High School. Why doesn't that surprise me?

Look at the record.

Year after year after year I see Price Jr. High and Helper Jr. High football teams consistently beating the Emery's junior high teams. Then, when the Price and Helper boys are combined at Carbon High School the Emery boys (and just about everybody else) shellac us--even little Duchesne and Altamont.

Why is this? Does this have anything to do with the school board? When we get a coach that wins even two games they fire him because "we want to take the program in a different direction".

I believe that the disciplines and competitiveness learned in playing sports carry forward into the game of life. I am thinking that it might serve our youth better if we drop the school board and try to upgrade our sports programs.

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