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Letter to the editor: Dog lost, info lost



I just wanted to let you know you have some wonderful people in your community.

Fifteen years ago on a hot summer day we were headed on a family vacation and stopped at Wendy's in Price for something to eat.

Our little Chihuahua, Tiki, ran off. We spent hours looking for her. We had adopted her from the Humane Society, so she was tagged. But we didn't find her.

When we returned home, a nice woman called and said she had her. She was being well taken care of and I got the woman's name and number so I could go back from Spanish Fork to Price to pick her up on my day off.

However, the next day as we returned home from work our house was on fire and the blaze destroyed everything in our home including the information on Tiki.

I am sure Tiki is probably long gone now, but I want you to know what great citizens you have in your community.

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