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Letter to the editor: Make adjustments in summer



The recent transfer of a Castle Height's teacher has caused quite an uproar amongst parents. I for one do not have a child in the grade affected however, I understand what these parents are going through. In fact, this is not the first time that the Carbon County School District has pulled this same stunt in recent history.

Last year, Wellington fourth grade students experienced a similar hardship when they found out several weeks into the school year that they would lose a teacher. My daughter who attended the school and had done so since kindergarten, was moved from an average class size to a significantly larger class when the district transferred a teacher to a different position in the district.

It was because of small class sizes that I had transported my child for over four years from Price to Wellington every day regardless of living in the Castle Heights boundaries. I soon found out that this effort was in vain.

Parents found out about the Wellington change the evening prior to the downsizing with a letter sent home with the students. What a way to break the news in a delicate and professional manner.

Because of the sudden change, phone calls began to pour into the school and the district office. As a parent, I wanted answers and just like the Castle Height's parents, all I got was excuses and the runaround. The only real form of communication that we got at the time came through our children. At least this time around, district officials decided to meet face to face with parents.

It seems like what is going on currently at Castle Heights is a replay from last year at Wellington. This leads me to wonder what the school district does during the summer break. Obviously they don't organize and prepare their schools properly for the children they serve.

I understand the frustration that parents are currently feeling. I have been there and can relate. In fact, the change had such a dramatic affect on my daughter that we transferred her from Wellington to Castle Heights the day following the change. This was a change that was for the best. She has excelled and loves Castle Heights.

Even though this might seem like a set back now, in the long run student's will become stronger just as my daughter has. This is thanks to the resilience of children and no thanks to the school officials who think they are acting in the kid's best interest.

It seems to me that the school district should be as concerned about our children's needs as they claim to be. If they are so worried about our children's education, then they should work a few weeks in the summer to make teacher adjustments before the school year begins.

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