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Home Security always important for seniors

Sun Advocate Publisher

Awareness is always the key to safety in the home, whether one is younger or growing older. Home security is a growing problem for our aging population and even though Price and Carbon County seems well removed from the crime centers of the state and country many seniors continue to face problems with intruders.

According to Viki Bowman, executive Director of the Price Senior Citizen Center seniors should be extra careful this time of the year. "With the warmer weather people tend to leave doors or windows open and these are often invitations to thieves who are looking for an easy access into homes. "People should always watch for fans in windows, make sure that their sliding doors are braced and keep all doors locked," advised Bowman. It is always a good idea to keep ladders away from buildings with open windows on the second floor and make sure that porch lights are working.

"Even though we are a safe community," says Bowman, "we are still vulnerable and often our complacency leads to problems when intruders or thieves are concerned."

Recently the TRIAD and the Seniors and Law Enforcement Together Council (SALT) began distributing indoor motion sensors to seniors at a reduced rate depending on household income. The sensor screws into a standard light bulb socket and the bulb is then attached to a sensor. Movement in the room will activate the light, thus eliminating the need to enter a dark room searching for the light switch, However, according to Bowman, the light and sensor must be uncovered, that is not have a shade over it or be behind a drape.

For more information or discussion about specific home security issues seniors should contact the senior citizen center.

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