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Letter to the editor: Parents know best



I attended a meeting on Sept. 3, concerning Carbon School Districts decision to transfer Ms. Jensen, my childs second grade teacher from Castle Heights Elementary to Wellington Elementary. This meeting was a total waste of time as Mike O'Shea and Patsy Bueno had no intention of taking us seriously. I totally disagree with Mrs. O'Shea and Mrs. Bueno's decision to do this.

According to Mrs. O'Shea this will be an easy transition and our kids will adjust. Where did she get her degree in psychology?

My daughter came home crying and is convinced her school year is ruined. We know our kids better than Mrs. O'Shea does. We as parents had no say in this decision and it was our kids that were involved. The district was aware of Wellington's kindergarten problem last spring. Over 50 kids signed up at the kindergarten round-up. Isn't this why the schools have this event, to the get an idea of the number of kids that will be attending? The number would have only gone up as school resumed. Yet the administration was clueless?

As a result my child and her class suffer do to the administrations failure to due their job. This problem should have been resolved over the summer not three weeks into the school year.

Some administrators seem to have a reputation for not liking Castle Heights, I hope this was not a way to punish the school. If they cannot be impartial and fair, those administrators have no business being in charge of the elementary schools.

Also, I believe we as taxpayers fund the salaries for the school district so essentially they work for us. Someone should remind Mrs. O'Shea and Mrs. Bueno they are not God and we as parents have a say in what happens to our children. We know best.

Mr. Woodward was the only board member who seemed to be interested in this problem.

As for the rest of the board I will certainly remember this when the election comes around.

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