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Land use workshops scheduled for recreationists


Carbon County's motorized recreation participants have the opportunity to attend a high-level land use training workshop planned for Utahns.

Residents involved with snowmobiles, motorcycles and all-terrain or 4X4 vehicles are encouraged participate the upcoming sessions.

"I am sure you are very much aware of the persistent effort by various factions within our society that is dedicated to the elimination of motorized recreation on public lands," stated Brian Hawthorne, Utah Shared Access Alliance.

"Such groups have a successful common tool and that is knowledge of and direct participation in the land use administration process. It takes years to understand how to effectively weave through the maze of regulation, politics and process that is used to manage our public lands," added Hawthorne.

Hawthorne explained that, even with short time to learn, "it seems reasonable you could invest one day of your time that could allow you to make a difference in protecting your privilege to ride."

There will be two Utah land use training workshops offered.

The first session will be Aug. 18 in American Fork.

The second will be Oct. 13 in Salt Lake City, at a location to be announced later.

The Aug. 18 session will be at the American Fork senior citizens center, located at 54 East Main, off exit 281 to the east of Interstate 15.

The program is being made possible by a grant from the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, with support from the Utah Snowmobile Association, Utah Shared Access Alliance and local clubs.

The workshop is a specially developed seminar for the motorized recreationist.

It will offer an understanding of the process that dictates what uses can take place on public lands and how individuals can make an opinion heard.

The seminar will cover forest plans, travel plans, permits, political involvement and relationship building.

The key presenters at the worksop will include United States Forest Service retiree Tom Crimmin and Sandra Mitchell, land use director for the Idaho State Snowmobile Association.

Specialized topics will include presenters from the local U.S. Forest Service.

A nominal donation to help offset costs of the program will include lunch.

"Every club, organization, association or individual who is involved with off-highway vehicle use on public lands needs to have a representative at this workshop," emphasized Alan Peterson of Price.

"That means we need people from SEUOHV, CCOHVA, WTA, USRA, CEMA, Sage Riders, Castle Rock Four Wheelers and every other club, organization or association in Utah to be involved in this," pointed out Peterson

Peterson explained that riders must educate themselves so they can be influential when the United States Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service revise the agencies' travel plans.

"Remember that almost every BLM field office and forest office in the state of Utah will be updating their travel plans in the next few years. If we aren't active players during these revisions, then we will surely lose even more access throughout the state," concluded Peterson.

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