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Stranded team misses big meet

The Carbon X-Country teams runs in Moab earlier this season.

Sun Advocate reporter

The Carbon Cross Country team headed for Salina on Wednesday but didn't make it. Coach Tellise Allen summed up their adventure, "Well, as for our cross country trip to Salina..... we were so fast they didn't even see us. Unfortunately we didn't make it."

The Carbon school bus they were riding on blew two hoses and the team was stranded on I-70 for two hours waiting for a new bus to come from Price. They were 17 miles from the meet when they broke down. The Emery High bus was ahead of them so they were unable to join forces with them to ride the remainder of the way.

The team made it an adventure and are looking forward to getting to their next meet in Spanish Fork on Saturday, Aug. 30.

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