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Authorities execute warrants, book two suspects into jail on drug charges

Staff reporter

The execution of a court-issued arrest warrant at a private residence in Helper by Carbon law enforcement authorities yielded more than merely the apprehension of a wanted subject from Emery County last Friday morning.

"When we served the warrant and moved to arrest the subject of that warrant, we observed suspected drug paraphernalia in the home," explained Helper Police Chief George Zamantakis.

"We then secured another warrant to search the home further," pointed out the Helper police chief.

The original warrant had been issued by the court for the arrest of Frank R. Butkovich, age 34.

Law enforcement personnel from the Helper City Police Department, the Carbon County Sheriff's Office, the Price police and the United States Bureau of Land Management were involved in the initial contact at the private residence last Friday.

When the suspected paraphernalia was observed inside the home by the officers, the law enforcement authorities contacted the Carbon Metro Drug Task Force to assist with the investigation into the alleged incident.

The initial court-issued warrant authorizing Butkovich's arrest was served on Aug. 16 at 1:59 a.m. at the private residence located at 168 Uintah Street in Helper.

After spotting the suspected paraphernalia inside the home, local law enforcement officers secured a second warrant from the court authorizing the authorities to conduct a search of the premises. The search warrant was served at 3:58 a.m., indicated Zamantakis.

Butkovich was subsequently detained not only on the arrest warrant, but was also booked into the Carbon County Jail on possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, confirmed the Helper police chief.

Weapons were also reportedly found at the scene, pointed out Zamantakis. All three of the arrest and booking charges were enhanced due to the fact the home was located within the drug-free zone around Helper Junior High School.

Also arrested at the scene and booked into the county jail on the same drug-related charges was David C. Knott, age 34 of Helper.

"The operation went very well," stated Zamantakis. "It just shows again that all the police agencies in the county work well together."

The Helper police chief pointed out that drug problems in any section of the county negatively impact all residents who live in the area.

"These kinds of problems affect every resident of the county, not just those in one town or another," concluded Zamantakis.

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