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An early August night at the races with CUSCRA

Area Go-Kart racers prepare to head to the starting line for the Aug. 2 upper and lower division races at the Desert Thunder Raceway.

As the late summer month of August busted into Carbon County so did racing action as the Central Utah Stock Car Racing Association wowed local crowds.

August 1 results:

Modified; first #22 D, Ryan Dimick; second # 20C, Chase Hansen; third #28, Colten Vanderherp. Dwarf; first #07H Wayne Simper; second #32H, Allen Hacking; third #87, Shane Simper. Mini Stock; first; #48, Duglus Peterson; second #23R, Tyrel Fox; third #417, Glade Longmore. Truck; first #23H, Hubert Wilson; second #20D, J.R. Herrera; third #81 Dale Smith. In the late model the drivers finished; first #75B, Jeep Berry; second #14 Dean Moore; third 3C Curt Daniels.

The Go-Kart specialists took to the track on Aug. 2 finishing as follows: Lower division, 5 to 10 years-old; first, Jaydun Thomas; second, Austin Phillips; third, Dillon Thomas; fourth, Shawn Parish. In the Upper division, 11 to 14 years-old; Wyatt Howard took first, followed by Brayden Brockmeier in second, Serena Key in third and Phillip Oliver in fourth.

As a closing note Jaydun Thomas won the races drawing and accepted a $50 cash prize rather than the bike as he already had his own.

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