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Letter to the editor: A new millennium



Let us remember during our next millennium we carry forth a learned principle; morality when vigorously alive, sees farther than intellect.

Having lectured on political science for many years; as I understand it, the beginning of the United States of America was the most dramatic and significant episode in a long pilgrimage, a pilgrimage of the Judaic-Christian idea of law, liberty and self government. The master principle of our organic documents of government, the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

After that basic Judaic-Christian idea had worked for centuries in the finite minds of men, it led to an obvious conclusion: individual man, the object of such infinite grace and mercy, is the most important creature on earth.

This is the origin of the basic American political ideal; that man gets all his rights and powers from God.

And as our Christian founders believed, the purpose of our government is to secure these rights. Hence, something new in government.

The strength and culture of America, built on the Judaic-Christian faith, will start degenerating when Americans no longer hold aloft the central tenets of this faith. The reality is, government is a not a productive entity. It does not produce wealth, people produce wealth, and pro-create life.

Government is an instrument of control; it taxes production and distribution, reducing the individual to servitude. Unless politicians are checked by responsible, and an informed electorate; government, like fire, becomes a fearful master..

So, put not thy faith in politicians, but accept the responsibility of an informed citizen, demanding our representatives understand the proper role of our constitutional government. Insist that our congressman keep their oath of office and that they guard against oligarchial rule and influence.

The Constitution is the bench mark for a congressman's voting decision. In the year 2008 election, if a member of the House of Representatives and/or a U.S. Senator has failed this test, they should not be returned to office.

Remember, the voter is the employer and the candidate when elected, is the employee.The eventual consequence rests upon the voter and all members of our society. By our actions and behavior, a political system is made, and by the operation of that system, our progression or retrogression is caused.

Next to the 10 Commandments, America's constitutional republic is among the greatest gifts to the human family.

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