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Letter to the editor: All energy development important



Energy development, no matter what kind is important to the economic well-being of our area.

American West Resource Coal Mining Company is applying with the tsate and federal oil gass and mining agencies to approve coal mining in the Book Cliffs south of Sunnyside. This area is just south of the Lila Canyon mine at the old Columbia mine site. The railroad already has a spur in that area.

All I can say is that Dan Baker, the chief executive of the company will make sure wildlife is protected and the land surface is not destroyed.

Recently an article in the Salt Lake Tribune announced that plans were in place to build a nuclear power plant in an area 25 miles northeast of Green River, in the Book Cliffs desert, next to the mountains. They can also build a storage dump for uranium tailings that are being moved from the Moab area.

This area is perfect for both projects, because it is only waste land with very little wildlife and literally no vegetation. The projects will be a big help to Green River and Price's economy.

So I say, federal and state agencies, go ahead and build your nuclear plant and storage area.

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